Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration Technology Improves Your Health!

Burn FatIncrease Muscle StrengthTone & Firm Improve Flexibility Better Posture Improved Balance Increase Bone Density Decrease Cellulite Massage Muscles Stimulate Lymphatic System Rapid inch loss Reduces aches and pain Get the benefit of a 1-hour workout in just 10 minutes!

Get the benefit of a 1-hour workout in just 10 minutes!

Worldwide research highlights the physiological and neuromuscular benefits unique to Whole Body Vibration. These studies show astounding results for improved fitness and health in a fraction of the time, compared to conventional exercise. The technology is being accepted by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Professional sport teams have adopted whole body vibration to develop explosive strength and for rehabilitation. Health Spas are offering clients personalized sessions for massage and relaxation and Personal Trainers are using it exclusively for the ultimate whole body strength and toning workout.Whole Body Vibration has shown, through extensive worldwide research, to have far reaching health benefits.

Firming & Toning

Lost a lot of weight? Then you’ll know how difficult it is to maintain muscle tone. The fact is… weight loss does not discriminate between fat and muscle. So if you lose 10lbs/kgs of fat you may lose 1lb/kg of muscle-and lean muscle is very hard to replace. The only way to preserve muscle is through resistance exercise. And with whole body vibration, this can be accomplished far more efficiently than conventional weight training in the gym.


With whole body vibration, you can expect similar strength gains to conventional resistance/gym training in a fraction of the time. Scientific studies have proven these rapid strength gains. A 10 minute vibration workout will give similar benefits to a 1 hour gym session!


Using whole body vibration technology will significantly REDUCE cellulite! Research shows that with just 3 sessions a week (11 hours total over 24 weeks), it’s possible to reduce cellulite on your thighs and buttocks by a massive 25.7%! (Sandaderm.Anti Cellulite Untersuchung, 2003) And when you combine Vibration Training with cardio exercise, it’s been shown that acellulite reduction of 32% can be achieved.

before you engage in whole body vibration

We will be unable to offer you Whole Body Vibration if any of the following contraindications apply to you:PregnancyEpilepsy Pacemaker Acute thrombosis Serious cardiovascular disease Acute hernia Hip implants Severe diabetes, severe migraine Recent wounds from surgery Tumors Phlebitis Recently placed IUD’s, metal pins or plates



Whole body vibration may prevent injuries, but just as important, it can help in the rehabilitation process. Many professional sports teams, physiotherapists and chiropractors have found whole body vibration to be an invaluable tool-having an ability to strengthen muscles without the usual strain on joints and ligaments. Used for rehab, this really is a “wonderful therapy”.

Back Problems

Weakened back muscles respond very well to the benefits of Whole Body Vibration. By engaging and activating the muscles, they become stronger and less prone to injury. Whole Body Vibration also significantly strengthens the core stabilizer muscles which assist in reducing strain on the weakened back muscles. A short 10 minute treatment prior to receiving therapeutic massage greatly enhances the therapy as the massage therapist is working with muscles that are already warmed up and fluid.

Weight Loss

The way we look, feel, and function all relies on strong muscles. Even at rest of muscles burn calories at a rate based on our metabolism. The more lean muscle mass we have-the more calories we burn! Vibration Training can give a sluggish metabolism just the boost it needs… up to an 18% increase from 10 minute sessions, just 3 times a week over 6 weeks. (Bonner Physical Therapy,2003). So even when relaxing, you’ll be burning through considerably more calories with Vibration Training! Combined with a cardio workout you have the complete package – firming and toning and optimum weight loss!

seniors and others unable to exercise regularly

Whole body vibration is a low impact, non strenuous activity that provides multiple benefits. Age and illness related exercise challenges can be expedited through the use of Whole Body Vibration. By increasing circulation throughout the body without any cardio strain, the client is developing muscle strength, flexibility and assists in the recovery and regeneration of damaged tissues.

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